A Book is Born

“Any time anything works out, if you don’t acknowledge the huge luck factor, you’re kind of a jerk.”
–Ficus Kirkpatrick

Cover art by Daniel Sandler, cover design by Gretchen Achilles

Humble Beginnings

The Premise

And So It Began

  • How did you get into computers?
    This one was interesting because it showed how many people had similar backgrounds (like programming almost since they were in the womb, or getting into programming because they liked video games). But it also surfaced differences, including people that didn’t get into software until college.
  • What did you work on prior to Android?
    This question exposed some really interesting overlap of other companies and people, like the background that most of the early team had with this specific set of companies: Danger, Be, PalmSource, and WebTV.
  • What did you do on the Android team?
    This is an obvious one, but it led into deeper conversations of how that they developed actually worked, or why it was important, or how it fit with the other stuff that the platform or the team needed.
  • Why did it work? (Why did Android manage to survive/succeed?)
    This question was fascinating, and showed both major overlaps in opinion (see the intro to the chapter “Timing” to see what I mean) as well as some widely divergent views that helped me understand the large set of factors that were in play, rather than some simplistic explanation.

Putting It All Together

Details, Details

All profits from the book will be donated to charity.




Drawing by Daniel Sandler



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